About Us



Our Mission is to pour our all into teaching. We understand the importance of solid training and have experienced subpar training throughout our personal training journey.

We have taken notes, we have listened and have studied regarding what it takes to execute acceptable trainings and the integrity that we must uphold.

Although we do not claim to know all the answers, as no one does, we promise to value your time and investment with us.



Teach and uplift individuals who have a passion to learn and advance in the PMU industry


Raleigh First PMU Training Center owned and operated by a successful PMU artist with over 5 years experience and 2000+ clients.


To grow and uplift others through education in the PMU industry that could serve as their personal outlet to total financial freedom and independency.

About Our Facility

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you been wanting to train in PMU but wanted to make sure you received quality training? Here are a few frequently asked questions.

Wait. Are You a School?

We are the real deal! Come and get trained in a state of the art training environment. No more training in PMU Salons

Do I get a Certificate?

After completing your course of study, you will receive a certificate of completion that never expires. Hang your certificate with pride while knowing you trained with the best.

Do I need any additional license to perform PMU?

PMU varies from state to state. We advise that you contatct your county health department and receive insight on how to move forward regaring running a tattoo business.

Will I receive a kit and machine?

When it comes to our students, we want the very best for you. We make sure that each kit is fully stocked with tools and materials that our very own instructors use. We dont skimp out on the kits. We give you ALL the good stuff!